05 May 2017
Huawei Paves the Road to Digital Aviation
At Dubai Airport Show 2017, Huawei showcased its suite of airport-oriented ICT capabilities for the first time under the theme “Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Aviation”. read more

05 May 2017
Huawei Leads the Way towards Collaborative Public Safety
A Smart City is a Safe City, according to Huawei, and a Safe City focuses on the quality of people’s life and the economic growth. That’s where ICT solutions come in for they make life safer and smarter. read more

05 May 2017
Paris Gallery: Expressing Uniqueness through Scent
In an attempt to convey an array of emotions and feelings, master perfumers spent hours blending aromatic ingredients in order to bring together this amazing collection. read more

05 May 2017
DAFZA promotes Economic Innovation
DAFZA creates a favorable platform for brainstorming for innovative business strategies that would support a sustainable economy in Dubai. read more

05 May 2017
MyHubber brings forward high end Promotional Engagement
On the 12th of November, 2016, May Ali was part of MyHubber’s launch of thei... read more

12 December 2016
Senses Brings Us All Together
As a part of her continuous efforts to help make the world a better place for her children, May Ali was glad to be responsible for managing and hosting the celebration for Senses for Special Needs’ children on UAE’s 45th National Day. read more

01 January 2016
GITEX: Because Digital Business Doesn’t Wait
GITEX held their annual convention in October, 2016. For five consecutive days, the presenter had to be present at the Huawei stand. read more