05 May 2017
MyHubber brings forward high end Promotional Engagement

On the 12th of November, 2016, May Ali was part of MyHubber’s launch of their mobile app for Apple and Android devices, with full support from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). As an app, MyHubber offers a combination of the daily essentials of social networking from retail to social functions and much more. The aim of this app is to enhance consumer happiness and contribute to business value addition, which comes hand in hand with the DED’s vision. The goal of MyHubber’s app is to bring forward high promotional engagement and smooth social connections in an innovative way, offering limitless opportunities to both users and merchants with a promising interface. The management team and May Ali worked really hard on making this event the next big thing so that it would suit the product that is being launched. The way they brought this launch together was more than wonderful which resulted in a huge success of the event. While preparing for the event, Ali noted: “I learned that there are different functionalities provided by the app, from HUBStore to HUBBoards to HUBMunch, etc… These vast functionalities allow you to do numerous things starting from shopping your favorite brands and earning rewards in return to networking with your friends (including sharing pictures and posts) to having the best food in town delivered to your doorstep. This innovative app also offers vouchers that could be redeemed at food locations. These features combined were all I could think of while downloading the app.”

MyHubber is the perfect combination of food, shopping, and socializing for any Dubai Resident; it is the next big thing for Dubai that continues to prove the innovation of its citizens.

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      Adopted Product as her own. Thank you May for the amazing job you did at our launching event  

    Omran Youssef

    CEO, MyHubber