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      I worked with May on many important projects in the past. I am impressed by her all rounded personality and a great sense of humor. She is always committed, reliable, and most importantly passionate about her presenting work.  

    Kevin Fang

    Executive Director, Public Safety Sector
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03 March 2019
Huawei Middle East Enterprise Ecosystem Partner Summit 2019
Over 250 delegates from over 12 countries attended the Partner Summit, exchanging success stories and ideas, exploring business opportunities, and sharing Huawei’s vision and strategy. read more

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05 May 2017
Huawei Leads the Way towards Collaborative Public Safety
A Smart City is a Safe City, according to Huawei, and a Safe City focuses on the quality of people’s life and the economic growth. That’s where ICT solutions come in for they make life safer and smarter. read more

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05 May 2017
Huawei Paves the Road to Digital Aviation
At Dubai Airport Show 2017, Huawei showcased its suite of airport-oriented ICT capabilities for the first time under the theme “Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Aviation”. read more