GITEX Event Hosted by May Ali

GITEX: Because Digital Business Doesn’t Wait

GITEX held their annual convention in October, 2016, which was one of the longest events that May Ali has ever had to work on. For five consecutive days, the presenter had to be present at the Huawei stand. It was an experience that proved to be very fruitful, every day carrying a taste of its own. For May, this event taught her how powerful her job as a host could be and how to transfer the positive energy to those working with her or those who come by to ask about the products. Since GITEX is all about discovering, transforming, and innovating, there were a number of intellectuals and ICT professionals who didn’t hesitate to share knowledge about the industry that they have been working in for years. It is because of that that GITEX is the place where startups break into the ICT industry. The exhibition that lasts for a week offers first-hand witnessing to future technologies from R&D products to prototypes. It exhibits the freshest ideas leading digital transformation, for Dubai is all about innovation. This is the event for transformative global technology because digital business doesn’t wait. Every day is a new chance to showcase your idea. As Chairman of Cisco John Chambers puts it: “The UAE is using this digital world to bring not only jobs to their country but to bring the opportunity to increase dramatically the middle class and role models throughout the Middle East.” GITEX is the region’s gateway for technology fanatics and startups.

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