I get technical at Trade Shows

Trade shows are one form of exhibitions during which you would showcase and demonstrate your latest products/services. During exhibitions, I give live presentations informing to the attendees about the new product/service while highlighting the preexisting ones.

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Latest Trade Show

Huawei Paves the Road to Digital Aviation

05 May 2017

At Dubai Airport Show 2017, Huawei showcased its suite of airport-oriented ICT capabilities for the first time under the theme “Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Aviation”. … read more

I’ve had my share of
Launches and Promos

The goal of a product launch is to make a big happening out of the release of the new product. The promo is to boost the sales of a product/service that is already being offered by your brand. Events like these can be either amusing or serious. But for someone who can shift between either or, I am the perfect fit for your event.

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Latest Launches and Promo

MyHubber brings forward high end Promotional Engagement

05 May 2017

On the 12th of November, 2016, May Ali was part of MyHubber’s launch of thei……read more

I’m fun at
Family Events

These events are family-friendly and are aimed toward different group ages. I tend to see my two angels in the faces of the children attending. I am lively and spontaneous ensuring enjoyment for all.

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Latest Children’s Event

Senses Brings Us All Together

12 December 2016

As a part of her continuous efforts to help make the world a better place for her children, May Ali was glad to be responsible for managing and hosting the celebration for Senses for Special Needs’ children on UAE’s 45th National Day….read more

I’ve hosted a lot of

Conventions usually have a theme and feature keynote speakers. I am organized and professional at conventions. Though the event tends to take a serious note, my enthusiasm and passion makes it go smoothly.

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Step Conference

Dubai Airport Freezone

GITEX Technology


Latest Convention

StartupNight: First International Edition in Dubai!

02 February 2019

I was happy to join STEP Conference for their 7th Edition at Dubai Internet City and proudly present the first international edition of StartupNight in Dubai (SUN-Dubai) bringing to close a one-week program offered by Dubai SME. …read more

I charm at

Gala Dinners/Performances are social events that include entertainments/performances. Whether you’re hosting a global or national gala, I will take your event to the next level through humor, engagement, and sophistication.

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Aster DM Healthcare


Latest Gala

Aster: Powered by Humanity

03 March 2018

What makes Aster’s values so distinctive is that priority has always been the well-being of people – be it patients, employees, partners or the community in general. The different pillars that Aster stands on are the reason behind its immense success to over 250 institutions….read more




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