Paris Gallery

Paris Gallery: Expressing Uniqueness through Scent

The sense of smell is one of the most delicate yet strongest senses and being able to identify scents enhances the human sensory experience. It is of no surprise that one’s scent acts as an identifier and leaves an impression on those who are in the room. That’s why Paris Gallery launched a collection of perfumes that are as unique as the person wearing them. During the launch, May Ali conducted an interview with Maya Ahmad, one of Dubai’s leading travel and beauty bloggers with a passion for perfumes. After May and Maya sat down, they talked about niche perfumes: pure perfumes made by experts for an elite clientele. The interview with Maya was more of a friendly chit-chat as the event was made for the public and in the midst of a shopping center, thanks to May’s ability to adapt to different situations and the different types of people. May Ali led the conversation as she and Maya Ahmad wandered around the stands and tried on the different perfumes, sharing how they felt about it. Maya was happy to be part of this launch by Paris Gallery as she believes that perfumes should be as unique as the individuals wearing them because smell and memory are closely linked. For, a perfume can evoke certain memories, express ideas, & educe emotions. So, in an attempt to convey an array of emotions and feelings, master perfumers spent hours blending aromatic ingredients in order to bring together this amazing collection.

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