Senses Children Event

Senses Brings Us All Together

For someone who is grateful for the family she has, May Ali knows the value of her children and expresses love towards all children of the world despite their differences. As a part of her continuous efforts to help make the world a better place for her children, May was glad to be responsible for managing and hosting the celebration for Senses for Special Needs’ children on UAE’s 45th National Day. Seeing the smile on the faces of the kids was more than satisfactory; as if nothing else mattered but the happiness of these children. For, they live in a world where they are looked down upon for being different; they are marginalized. That’s why Senses for Special Needs’ job is crucial and that’s why May believes that these children should be accepted into the society rather than keeping them away, for they are able to experience human emotions just as everyone else and maybe even more. Helping those children be part of the great series of celebration on this important day for UAE citizens made May realize how important her job is as a presenter. It is more than corporations and companies, it is also inspiring children to grow up and pursue their dreams, while also inspiring citizens of UAE to treat those children as if they were their own and love them unconditionally.

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