4 Ways you can Take Control of Your Life

“I have so many goals and things I want to achieve, but do not feel in control to make them happen.”

Does that sound familiar?

Do you sometimes feel that you are stuck in a whirlpool? Like your life is a broken record and you can’t take control of things?

Between my kids, my work and my house, I never feel I have enough time to stay on top of things and try to better myself. But my life truly changed when I stumbled upon those few key tricks that can help stay focused and achieve the goals that I want to achieve.

1. Have a clear vision

To do that, start by asking a couple of questions: Where are you in life right now? Where do you want to be in the future? This applies to both your personal life and your professional life. Maybe, right now, you leave work at 8 pm and you want to come back earlier and spend quality time with your kids. Maybe, you are a senior manager and you want to get promoted to become a director. Find out exactly what your ultimate goals are, and what will make you truly happy.

vision board take control

2. Create a vision board.

Now that you have your ultimate goals, you want to flesh them out and quantify them. Work-Life balance is an abstract concept, but once you bring it to life with ideas, thoughts, images, it becomes more tangible. You can use anything to make this happen, a plain old cardboard or cork board, a powerpoint presentation, or even an online software like Trello or Canva or even Pinterest.

vision board take control

3. Long-term Goals vs Short-term Goals

The vision board helps you identify all of your long-term goals as a start. But then you should take it a step further and break it down to smaller more immediate goals. Short term goals are essential, as sometimes the long-term goals can be overwhelming! Try to appreciate where you are and enjoy your journey.
On a weekly basis in the morning, you put what is your achievement for this week: choose three personal goals and three work goals that relate to your vision board. Break them down to step-by-step processes in order to make them easier for you to implement. Then, at the end of the week you check back and see if you have achieved them. If you’re using a software for your vision board you can log your progress there.

Life Projects

4. Stay focused

This is your life and your goal. Only you can determine what it takes to be a happy person. So don’t be influenced easily with the surroundings in your life! Otherwise, you can easily lose control of your direction. Be confident because some people will try to put you down.
It’s a simple recipe. And it works like magic (and lots of persistence and hard work).
I might not be at my ultimate goal, but with this action plan under my sleeve, I am confident I will reach there with time.

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